Project Sinatra Broadcast Simple CRUD Sinatra App deployed on Heroku with Twillio & Mailgun APIs.

Sinatra Broadcast allows a user to serve up MMS (or SMS) messages through Twillio's API. Saves records in a Postgres Database for viewing utilizing Active Record & HAML. Deploy it on Heroku in minutes and receive requests to be added to your distribution list with Mailgun.

Code Snippet Example from the App.rb

Sinatra Broadcast started off as a fork from The Baby Broadcast System but I wanted to add onto the base concept. Sinatra Broadcast is a CRUD based app that uses the Twillio API to broadcast MMS messages to a group of contacts you create. Any inbound messages to your TWILLIO_NUMBER gets routed to your personal number. Users can request to sign up to your broadcasts and Mailgun's API will handle the mail routing.

Simple Views Styling Built with Skeleton CSS

The views styling is built with Skeleton CSS a dead simple responsive css framework. Skeleton works well with the small project mindset of Sinatra Broadcast. It's my go-to boilerplate for quick prototyping and demos.

Subscribe Feature Working with Mailgun's API

This project will receive some updates in the future, I'm looking at some rack based updates to make the application more robust and secure.